Mules in the UK - National Equine Welfare Council, a group of over 30 equine welfare organisations (including the BMS) - UK based charity promoting donkey and mule care and welfare worldwide. - The Horse Trust is a UK based charity focussing on welfare and funding scientific research. - Clovelly village in North Devon, famous for its resident donkeys and mules! - Blog about the adventures of Marty the 

Mule Associations Around the World New Zealand mule association American Mule Association The American Donkey and Mule Society North American Saddle Mule Association Canadian Donkey and Mule Association

Information Resources Specialists in draft animals (inc. mules) and sustainable land use. Publishers of magazines / books on draft animals and small scale farming.

Non Organisations

Mule Art Cowboy cartoonist, famous for her mule art

Events Annual event, held each Memorial Day weekend in Bishop, USA. A mule show which lasts a week, all disciplines plus a parade, mule racing and packing.

Working Mule Welfare provide veterinary care and education ation to benefit working equids  and their owners worldwide World Horse Welfare work to improve horse welfare in the UK and worldwide with working equids. provide veterinary care and education worldwide.